from the Book of Coming Forth Into Day (miscalled the Totenbuch or Book of The Dead), from utterances 64 and 149, Brit. Museum. Papryus No 9900, sheets 23, 24, and Papyrus No. 10,477, sheet 30:
I am Yesterday and Tomorrow, and have power to regenerate myself ... The hitherto closed door is thus open... and the radiance in my heart hath made it enduring. I can walk in my new mortal body and go to the domain of the starry gods... Now I can speak in accents to which they listen, and my language is that of the star Sirius.”


from Iso Erotic Calibration, released November 8, 2013
Adi Newton



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The Anti Group (TAGC) London, UK

TAGC are not affiliated to any one system of philosophy or epistemological paradigm or occult fraternity but are open more to individual systems and innovative thinkers Science, Art , Music Sonology ,Visual Arts, Literature, Research & Publication are its main areas.
The Anti Group was devised by A. Newton & S.J. Turner as early as 1978 as a multi-dimensional research & development project.
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